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writing Mistakes

First book

I started writing a little before I had surgery May 2017. I came home from the hospital three months later. My daily routine was to wash, which I wasn't doing myself yet, therapy three times a week, and being on my phone. I couldn't work. Then one day I pulled up that book I was working on and started working on it again. It was finally finished and I was excited. It wasn't long but it was my first. OK with my books I made many rookie mistakes. First one I was so excited I went through a vanity publisher. Mistake two, I went through two different vanity publishers for the same book. Can you say DUMB! I kicked out over $2,000. When there are self-publishing sites like Kobo, Amazon, or Lulu to name a few. Third mistake rereading edits from the editor. My thoughts would be think “its an editor, they don't make mistakes, ” “wrong.” I had to edit and create a Kindle option. So I don't promote the paperback. I think back to my first book there are so many things I would change. I just wanted to finish. There wasn't enough research done. So much I did wrong with this book and didn't get the return from the first sales but that didn't stop me. It's a good read. You can read my book here for free then become apart of my email list https://thirstyauthor.com/book.php?b=23785 Below is final product https://www.amazon.com/Unfinished-Business-Lacrecia-Hillis-ebook/dp/B07M6LW26L/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1563396895&sr=8-3

2nd Book

I went through page publishing. www.pagepublishing.com. My thoughts would be to think it was a real publisher, wrong. I have been paying $295 a month and $3345 total. Their good but expensive. I am very proud of this book but wish I made it longer. Everything about this book was to my liking. My book tells the story of before and after my surgery. It tells about the bleeding on the brain I had during brain surgery. This too I started before surgery. It has pictures of before, during, and after surgery. I went through so much before and after surgery but refuse to give up. I'm what you would call resilient and hard-headed. Some people would be curious of how I got this way

Hopefully, it encourages someone. Everyone has been though something tough. It's how you come out that matters. Things get you down but don't stay there. Link below


3rd Book

My 3rd book Unfinished Business 2. I'm creating a series. Once you read the first book you will know why. Usually, you create a series when you feel there is more to say about the characters. A more in-depth description of them. Each character deserves their own book. This time I learned from my mistakes. I self-published on different websites, brands & Nobles, Apple store, Amazon, etc. After self editing I hired an editor and developmental editor from Fiverr. By the way Fiverr is a great resource. Whether you need to drive traffic to a website or make a basic site, go there. Great place for freelancers. Check them out. http://www.fiverr.com/s2/1347d1442d. I bought my own cover. I felt so independent

Kinda liking self-publish but I don't have much to compare it to. I have never been with an actual publisher. The only thing I could the difference would be is an advance if they gave you one. You still would have to go over there edits. Anyway the option is each their own. I like self-publishing but don't know about a big publisher to say they are just horrible. Another mistake I overcame was editing. I used to rush through editing but this time I took my time. Link below


Why I write

Writing is somewhat therapeutic. Writing lets me speak. I have bad aphasia so I don't talk unless I have to. Around the house I do because I have to ask for stuff. Aphasia is loss of speech because of brain damage. Writing gives me a voice. What I can't say with my mouth because no one understands, I can say through writing. Books bring my stories alive. I'm an avid reader too. So I love to read. It's hard for me to leave the Kindle app sometimes. My favorite genres are urban romance, fantasy, thriller, etc

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