• Lacrecia Hillis

Unfinished Business 2

Asha has to put up with constant arguing from her parents. Her father is overbearing and controlling. She tries to branch out starting with the crush she has on the neighbor. Asha has a crush on the neighbor but she feels unworthy. A lot has been done to her and she overcomes them all. Asha’s fierce love and protectiveness for her mom keeps her going.

When she finds her mom with a black eye, she does everything she could to protect her mom but everything doesn’t quite go as planned.

John is controlling and overbearing. He is Asha’s father but wants from her what a father should not want from their child. John refuses to let Asha go and will do anything to keep her. He does something horrible to Asha that never can be forgiven.

Charles is the neighbor. He has had his eye on Asha for some time but doesn’t know how to approach her.

Read how overcomes what is done to her

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