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Sneak peeks of Unfinished Business 2

Charles said “no problem.” He walked her to the register and stayed with her while she paid for her chips. “Are you following me?” she asked. He held up his Gatorade as the answer. He went up to the register to pay for his drink, and then they walked out together. Asha turned to Charles and said “sorry about that.” “No problem.” “Can I walk you home?” “I promise I’m not following you..” Asha laughed “Yes.” Charles smiled and they walked home. When they got home. Charles said. “See ya later.” She waved and went into the house. As soon as she went into the house she heard a knock. “What’s up Charles?” Asked Asha. “I wanted to know, and I kinda of wanted to ask you…Charles replied nervously.. “Spit it out already” said Asha. Charles averted his eyes and said “Do you wanna go to the movies Saturday? ”Asha was shocked as she stared at him, his head was still turned then she finally got out the state of shock.“ Yeah, ” she said. Charles looked at her. “Really?” “You will go?” Why not?” she said.“I’ll see you Saturday then.” Charles left smiling. She closed the door and leaned against it. Asha put her hand to her forehead; I’ve never been on a date, what do I wear? what do I do? I’m eighteen and don’t know what to do. Charles is cute though; he has those blue eyes and slender build, sandy hair and is tall with muscular arms. Her mind was reeling and she couldn’t think straight. She was about to go upstairs and suddenly John grabbed her by the arm. “I hope you’re being a good girl.” Asha snatched her arm back, “i’m not a little girl anymore” said Asha. “You're my daughter and don’t forget that and I wouldn’t want your mom to pay for your mistakes”

Asha rolled her eyes and left. What the hell did that mean? Now she had to decide if going out was worth it. He knew she was protective of her mom. She breathed out a steady breath and walked out the front door and knocked on Charles’s door. Charles answered the door. “Hey Asha” he said with a smile. Asha couldn’t look him in the face. “Saturday is a busy day for me, so we got to reschedule.” “Oh, ok, maybe next time” he said. “Looking forward to it” she said looking straight in his eyes. “Me too,” he said sounding chipper. She turned and walked back to her house; she knew he was still watching her, so she switched a little. She was smirking to herself.

Asha ran up to her room and closed her door; she didn’t want to chance seeing John again. She knew he watched her. Asha missed too many times to count going out. She avoided having friends because she knew she couldn’t go out with them; Asha couldn’t leave her mom alone for long. She took walks to the park sometimes to clear her head. One day Sandra thought to leave him, but she loved her daughter too much not to. Sandra has been putting up with his crap for years, and she knows he is cheating on her. It’s just not worth it; they haven’t had sex in years. So why should she care? Sandra went to check on Asha; she heard her close her door. She had to make sure she was okay. It was just her and me; it always was she thought.

Asha heard a knock, thinking it was John she stood up. Asha did not want to be sitting next to him. She answered the door. It was her mom; she walked in and sat on her bed. “You should go out with your friends.” I have no friends thought Asha. “One day” Asha said to her mom. I was saying one day since I was fifteen.

The next day Asha woke up to John sitting by the door staring at her. “So are you going out Saturday?” he asked. “No.” she said. “Good, ” he said. Then got up and walked out. He has gotten more aggressive she thought. Asha wondered why he doesn’t leave; she shook her head because she knew that would never happen and went to the kitchen. Mom was there like always cooking breakfast.

“How are you this morning? ” her mom asked. “Ok.” said Asha. Asha didn’t tell her about John in her room because that would just upset her. “I plan to go to the store today want anything?” Before she could answer John said. “When I get home, you will.” Asha rolled her eyes. John looked at her and said “Asha is going.” “ACTUALLY I would go but I’m going to the park today. Asha replied. “You sure?” He asked. “Yeah, ” Asha said, she wanted to workout. All this time she didn’t notice her mom pacing and staring at her. Asha ate fast and went to go get dressed. She would go somewhere today, she couldn’t be in the house today.

Unaware of her mom’s eyes following her out the kitchen. She got dressed as quick as she could. She jogged down the stairs and went out the door. Asha waited for the bus to take her to the Boston mall. It shouldn’t be too packed this early she thought. The bus finally came and Asha rode silently thinking. She thought about John visiting her as a little girl. Asha thought she should have stopped it sooner. Asha’s chest tightened thinking about this time. When she likes someone the memories are dredged up. He would wait until everyone's in bed then come in her room. He would say he wanted to play a game but she had to be naked. This went on for a while until she was old enough to realize what they were doing, she felt so stupid. Finally she got to the mall. She didn’t notice her hands were in fists, her face tight ; and tears ran down her face. She hurried and wiped her face before anybody saw. She sniffled getting off the bus. Asha was wrong; they were packed? People were laughing with their partners while swinging their shopping bags. Asha shrugged and walked in. Not like she is buying anything so she didn’t have to worry about long lines. She went from window to window and looked in. She wished she could get some new clothes. It’s been two years since she bought clothes. Asha just couldn’t afford to now. She had money in her savings for when she needed it, it was money Asha saved from a job.

Asha decided to head home, and she was tired of walking. While waiting for the bus her phone rang. “Check on her.” Then he hung up, she knew it was John. I hope he didn’t hurt mom; now she couldn’t wait to get home. The bus finally came. She called the house while on the bus but nobody answered; that made her even more nervous and anxious. They finally pulled up to her stop. She practically ran home and hurried up and unlocked the door. She screamed “mom?” She walked to the kitchen and found her on the floor against the wall. Her head was in her hands. She ran to her and said “mom! Are you alright?” She finally lifted her head up. Her right eye was black. “Mom, look at your eye! What happened?” “Calm down, baby.” “ How can I be calm?” “Is this the first time?” “No.” Sandra said. Asha screamed “Mom!” “I know, baby. I know.”

Her mom hugged her tight. She wasn’t sad, she was mad and her blood was boiling. He was so vindictive, and Asha knew she had to do something, so she starting forming a plan in her mind as her mom hugged her; she would not let this happen again. Like all was well she helped her mom up. She got ice out of the freezer with a rag and gave it to her mom.

Still thinking about what to do, she didn’t hear her mom. “Asha?” She looked at her mom. “Are you okay? Thought I lost you. No, I’m good mom, Asha stayed with her mom in the kitchen. She wanted nothing else to happen to her. They finally moved to the living room and watched shows. Then there was a knock on the door. Asha got up before her mom did. She didn't want anyone to see her. She opened the door. It was Charles, with his hands in his pocket. “Hey just wanted to check on you.” “I heard yelling earlier.” “I’m fine” said Asha. “Ok well see ya later” said Charles. Asha said “wait.” Charles looked confused. Asha said she had something to give him. She reached in her pocket and brought out a white paper. There was a number on it. Charles looked at her with wide eyes. “Call sometimes” she said. Charles stuttered and said “I will.” He turned around and walked to his house. Smiling, the entire way. Asha closed the door and sat back down.

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